My passion is empowering people to show up more fully, stand up for what matters and make the biggest difference they can in the world! If you want to step up to your full potential and are feeling frustrated, stuck or overwhelmed, take heart!

It takes courage, passion and determination to step back and ask yourself who you really are, what you really want, to let go of what holds you back and blaze your own trail. But it’s worth it. The most happy, fulfilled and impactful people I know have chosen to own who they are and define success on their own terms.

Whatever you are looking to achieve at this stage on your journey: Career transition, stronger leadership impact, more fulfilment or better work-life balance, I will support and partner with you to discover, develop and deliver your personal path to success.

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  • Andrea

    Over a period of about 6 months Ruth helped me regain the clarity and confidence I needed to successfully navigate my career transition, and set out clear plans for the future.

    Andrea Nascimento Müller, International Lawyer

  • Richard

    Ruth was instrumental in me succeeding at a time of significant change of responsibility and scope following promotion.

    Richard Pascoe, Company Director for Making Presentations

  • Bethany

    Ruth’s workshop and personal coaching helped me recognize my individual strengths and build a foundation for success that is in line with my personal style.

    Bethany Foresman, Analytics & Insight, P&G

Leadership & Career Coaching: How I Work With You

The power of coaching comes from creating a professional, creative and thought-provoking relationship where we work together to unlock your personal and professional potential. To do that we co-create a safe environment for you to explore things from new angles, and bring your whole self to the coaching.

The coaching process usually takes around 6-12 sessions (3-6 months) depending on your goals. Some people may continue coaching for a longer period, others may take a break and come back to coaching later on. I do the majority of my coaching by Zoom conference (including internationally), but I also meet people face-to-face in the Geneva / Lausanne region of Vaud in Switzerland.

Book a free 30 minute introductory call.

Personalised Coaching

Personalised Coaching

Individual coaching is designed for you and with you. In fact that is one of the things that makes it so powerful! During our first session we discuss your goals, your questions and the frequency and duration of the coaching. Most importantly we design how we will work together to create a powerful space for your growth in achieving your goals. I encourage people to bring their full selves to coaching and to try new things and perspectives, but you get to choose what works best for you and to create change in your life.

Book a free 30 minute introductory call

Leadership & Career Coaching Programs

Leadership & Career Coaching Programs

A professional leadership coaching or career coaching program is designed to guide you through a specific personal development journey. The program is organized in a pre-defined set of modules, each one containing some teaching material and exercises received prior to the coaching session. It can be taken either as a 1on1 program with individual telephone coaching sessions or as a Coaching Circle where the coaching sessions are done as a small group via video conference.

Check out my 3 key coaching programs below.

Coaching Programs

Your Competency and Passion Compass

Your Competency and Passion Compass

If you’re thinking about changing something in your professional life: assignment, career, adding a side hustle or passion project, it’s a good time to step back to review where you’ve come from and where you want to go. In this 8-module program we go on a 3-step journey.

First, we review your past experiences to identify your competencies and strengths.

Second, we clarify your inner drivers: the passions, personality traits and values that fuel your unique impact.

Finally, we use these 2 steps as a compass to define step 3: the principles and choices that you will use to set the direction for your future path.

Lead from your Core

Lead from your Core

Lead from Your Core is my Signature Leadership Coaching program designed to embolden talented leaders who want to step up more powerfully while remaining authentic and human in their approach.

The program creates the confidence to access new levels of awareness and mindset that will enable you to lead from your core values, strengths and personality in a wider range of circumstances and address your inner barriers to growth.

Your Launch Pad to Success

Your Launch Pad to Success

If you’re looking for more purpose, passion and direction in your life, Your Launch Pad to Success is a great place to start! During this 8-module coaching program you will:

1. Discover your life purpose and create a vision of what your life will be like when you live it out.

2. Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and tap into the power of your inner leader to keep you on course.

3. Create a plan to align your priorities and daily habits with your vision and goals.

Coaching & Workshops

As an experienced trainer, facilitator and public speaker I am available to give interactive workshops and short lunch and learn seminars on topics related to leadership, personal growth and people development.

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles

A Coaching Circle is a small group of 6-8 people who come together over a period of 3-6 months with a coach to study, grow and be accountable to one another. I run most of my coaching circles virtually.

Webinars / Online Events

Webinars / Online Events

Online events include webinars or online workshops which I run via video or audio conference using Zoom, so that people can join from wherever they are.

In-person Workshops

In-person Workshops

These are face-to-face workshops usually run in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland.

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