Allow me to use my executive coaching and leadership consulting skills to partner with you to help define what success looks like for your organization and create a plan to deliver it.

Executive Coaching, Leadership Training and Team Collaboration

Executive Coaching, Leadership Training and Team Collaboration

Looking for a sustainable solution for growing your top talent or a way of leveraging individual strengths to create better team results? As an executive coach and leadership trainer I focus not just on short term results but also on helping leaders and their teams to better understand their own style, strengths and weaknesses, so that they can create solutions that work for them, produce better results and more engaged employees.

Based on my belief that the best leaders are learners who continue to grow and adapt to new circumstances, I focus on creating self-awareness, learning mindset and learning tools to ensure growth and learning are integrated into the everyday work environment.

Health Check

Strategy and Action Plan Health Checks

Wondering why you are not achieving the results you expected or facing a specific business or organizational challenge?

I use my leadership consulting skills to work with business and non-profit organizations to help take performance to the next level by identifying key drivers of results, recommending solutions and facilitating action planning. The process is tailored to your needs and would fit the following pattern:

  • An initial meeting to understand your goals, your challenges and the desired outcome of the consultancy
  • Project proposal outlining costs, timings and work to be undertaken
  • Analysis for example: research, data analysis, interviews, assessments, participation in meetings
  • Presentation of results and recommendations

Action Planning

Vision and Action planning facilitation

Want some help finding and articulating a vision for your team and creating a plan to bring it to life?

Using my leadership consulting skills, I work with leaders and their teams to articulate their vision and make it come to life by facilitating workshops. The planning and workshop will be designed for you but we will follow the following process:

  • An initial meeting to understand your needs and goals
  • A proposal for how to best achieve your goals including timings and costs
  • A custom-built workshop (from half a day to 2 days depending on the needs)
  • A summary of the workshop outcomes


People Pursuing Purpose: 12-Week Group Coaching Programme (starts 24 February)

People Pursuing Purpose: 12-Week Group Coaching Programme (starts 24 February)

is taking place at on 24/02/2023 - 26/05/2023 at 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm

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