Living life in 3D

Imagine watching a film that has been created in 3D without 3D glasses. You can follow the plot, but it’s flat, fuzzy and a bit tiring. That’s what happened to me when I went to watch “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with my husband. Then I put on my stylish Stormtrooper 3D glasses and things really came to life!

Most people I coach are objectively very successful. They are often in the top 10% of performers in their company or field. I love working with these people because they are full of drive, enthusiasm and purpose. They have big ideas and they are willing to do what it takes to make them happen. They relish challenges and love not only to rise to them, but soar above them. When they come to coaching it’s not because they’re failing; it’s usually because they have a deeper sense that something is missing. There’s a lingering longing for more. As one of my workshop participants said “My biggest fear is sleep-walking through my life.” It’s like they’ve lost their 3D glasses.

One of my friends, who took the bold step of leaving her corporate job to start a business in her passion area said: “I definitely feel more alive!” That’s what I mean by living life in 3D! It’s not always “easier”, but it’s definitely more exciting. Personally, my life has changed dramatically over the past 10 years as I have intentionally moved in the direction of my passion and purpose. And it all started when I made space and time in my life, with the help of a coach, to ask myself some powerful questions such as: What do you really want? When are you most alive? What story do you want to tell about your life when you are 95? It’s like someone gave me 3D glasses and a whole new world of possibilities opened up.

Over the years I’ve learned that success isn’t always the same as satisfaction, let alone fulfilment. When the buzz of the last challenge has faded we sometimes hear a little voice say “Is that it?”. Sometimes it’s time to listen to that voice. Sometimes we need to redefine success on our own terms and ask ourselves what we’re willing to let go of to achieve it.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to explore 3D living further, here are some ways you can get started:
1. Keep a journal: Take 10 minutes once a day, (or if that’s too much for you, start with once a week) and write down the answers to the following questions: “When was I most alive today?” and “When was I least alive today?” This will help you to create more awareness about what is giving you energy, what is draining your energy, and how you are reacting to those things. As you grow your awareness you can start to make choices about how you want to change.

2. Take a day out to step back: When we’re in our daily battlefield it can be difficult to see the big picture and to think creatively. Why not take a day out in a place that inspires you and ask yourself the big questions like “What story do I want to tell about my life when I’m 95?” If you live in the Geneva-Lausanne area why not join my Blueprint for Success Workshop on Saturday 17 June 2017? The day is full of exercises, questions and inspiration to help you clarify your purpose and vision, to bust barriers that hold you back today, and to put an action plan in place. If you book online here by midnight on 11 June and mention you read my blog in the comments I will offer you a 30% discount.

3. Try a coaching sample session: If you want to have a personalised conversation about the questions you are asking yourself, contact me for a free 30 min session by sending me an email:

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